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Fix – this website is using an illegal copy of JNews theme

Fix illegal copy of JNews theme real GPL

This website is using an illegal copy of the JNews theme – Do you want to fix this JNews Theme error? Well, we have a paid solution for you. This problem generally occurs when you are using Nulled, Cracked, or GPL JNews Theme.

JNews developers have modified their code recently and from then when are we updating the JNews theme suddenly the website and admin pages look like this –

Fix This website is using an illegal copy of JNews theme

In the screenshot, they have clearly mentioned that the problem can be fixed if you buy the original JNews Theme.

Buy JNews from ThemeForest

Once you have purchased the developer license, you can follow the steps provided below to fix this –

After purchasing the theme

  1. Download the official theme version at ThemeForest.
  2. Access your server via FTP or directly use your cPanel or Hpanel or file manager and browse to “wp-content/themes/”.
  3. Replace the “jnews” folder with the official theme copy downloaded.
  4. Clear your browser cache and Website cache, Also clear your cloudflare cache if you are using any
  5. Check if the problem is fixed

Alternative option to fix – This website is using an illegal copy of JNews theme

We are providing you an alternative option as well. You can save a huge amount by following this. The error will be removed and your website will be working normally after this.

Steps to Fix – illegal copy of JNews theme error

Buy the JNews theme from our store & download the theme package.

The package contains JNews Parent Theme, Child Theme, documentation, and required plugins. Follow the provided steps once you have the files ready.

Purchase JNews Now

Step 1 – Login to cPanel or file manager and go to wp-content/theme section. You can also use FTP for the same.

Step 2 – Delete the jnews folder, do not delete the JNews child. Once deleted your WP-Admin will be working

Step 3 – Login to WordPress to deactivate & delete JNews Essential and JNews JSON-LD plugins from the plugin section. For better functioning, make a list of the JNews plugins that you have installed and delete all.

Step 4 – Now clear your browser, WordPress, and Cloudflare cache if any

Step 5 – Once done then install the new JNews parent theme which you have downloaded from our website and activate it.

Step 6 – Once done install the required JNews plugins which you have deleted.

Step 7 – Your problem will be fixed now

Note – You can get in touch with our support team through the support ticket if you fail to follow the steps. Please make sure you are providing server or cPanel details.

Another Option –

Join a suitable membership and create a support ticket from my account section to get the JNews error fixed.

Let’s get started and get your problem fixed immediately. you can check out comments for the authenticity of the methods we have described. Yet, we will suggest you take a backup if possible.

For any queries, create a support ticket from your account section or comment below.

Note – If you want our team to fix this for you then, create a support ticket after the purchase and provide cPanel and WordPress credentials or FTP if needed.

Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Fix – this website is using an illegal copy of JNews theme

  1. Afkare raza says:

    Thank you Real GPL support to fix JNews error within no time. I was not even able to login to the Admin. Now all good. I am looking to buy more GPL products from you.

    1. Real GPL says:

      Hi Afkare,

      Thank you for your kind words, you must join our membership plans, you can save a lot,

      Thank you

      1. Donhymax says:

        After further instructions was been followed, still asking for activation key/code
        I just bought the jnews theme and a starter membership plan

        1. Real GPL says:

          Ignore the activation key, just use it. You can follow this tutorial to get rid of such warnings and notifications. Watch Now

  2. snooperscope says:

    Great work. Thanks for all the excellent support given by you in fixing the JNews theme error in no time.

    1. Real GPL says:

      Thank you. We are happy to help.

  3. Awes says:

    Real GPL theme मैं use करता हूँ
    Best theme है
    And जब कभी कोई समस्या होता है तो
    Real GPL की टीम तुरंत समस्या का समाधान कर देते हैं
    Thank you Real GPL team

  4. harry says:

    The Real GPL support Team fix my issue on this error at no time and great support with the issue and make the site up-running quickly

  5. Abdul Qarriem says:

    thank you very much “Real Gpl admin” for the very fast support to fix the JNEWS theme error

    1. Donhymax says:

      Please how did you fix it ? I’m stuck

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