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Map Locations Pro GPL v2.8.8 – Google Map Store Locator WordPress Plugin


The Google Maps locations plugin manages locations and supports a store locator finder using Google Maps.


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Map Locations Pro GPL Overview:

The Google Maps locations plugin manages locations and supports a store locator finder using Google Maps.

This maps plugin includes on map tooltip support, location description, zip search, customized markers, interactive map and images for each location.

Google Maps Multiple Pins & Store Locator in One Plugin

  • Use the Location Manager plugin to place multiple locations, pins, or points of interest on a Google Map.
  • Display relevant information such as description, images, video, searchable markers, and full address including zip code on the interactive map.

Add multiple locations and store branches inside the Google Map on your WordPress site!

  • With the plugin, you can create a searchable directory with all locations on a single Google Map.
  • Every place has its individual page with detailed information and images.
  • Maps with locations can be embedded in any post or page using shortcodes.

Map Locations Pro GPL Features:

  • Place a location on a Google Map – Display the location on Google Terrain, Satellite or regular Map layout
  • Six Themes – Six themes including basic, retro, night and fancy themes
  • Tiles/Layers – Show traffic cycle, transport and more information with additional layers on top of the map via tiles from OSM (OpenStreetMap) or any other service
  • Polygon Shapes – Add lines, rectangle or circle shapes to your locations and mark large areas. Customize look and feel
  • Show User Location on Map – Let users share their geolocation and display it on a map in real time
  • Add Locations From External Apps – Create locations directly from other sites or mobile apps with the REST API support
  • Location Images – Each location can have several images together with a detailed description.
  • Location Index – All locations can be displayed in an index page listing all available locations. Locations can be filtered by several parameters. Index page includes both a map with all available locations and a textual list.
  • Supports Google Maps navigation – The user’s current location while using a mobile app can be shown on the custom map along the marked location. User can request for navigation information to the location if available.
  • Display Templates – Choose between several display templates to support use cases such as a store locator, store list, store map, point of interest and more.
  • Import and Export Locations – Import and export locations using KML, GPX or CSV format.
  • Categories – Place locations in categories and assign a unique icon for each category. Filter and display locations by category.
  • Location Icon – Override location category icon with a unique icon per each specific location or upload your own icon.
  • Images and videos – Images and videos can be added to each location.
  • Shortcodes – Several shortcodes are supported. Shortcodes can be embedded in posts and show a single location, a unique map with all locations in a category, and more.
  • Tags – Tags can be added to locations and allow filtering of locations by tag.
  • Search – Searching locations supports: description, zip code, addresses and locations name.
  • Search by Radius – Support for searching a defined radius from a postal code in any country. Can use the web browser’s geolocation API.
  • Access control – Set which role can create or view locations.
  • Translate text labels – Easily modify all text labels and messages in the plugin settings.
  • User Dashboard – Allow user to see all their posted locations in a dashboard. Let him add new locations or control the status of existing.
  • Moderation and Notifications – Let admin moderate user location postings. Send notification to admin when a new location is posted and waiting for moderation. The user receives a notification when location posting is accepted.
  • Weather information – Weather information is shown near each location.
  • Maps Routes integration – Integrates with the CM Maps Routes Manager plugin to show both locations and routes on a joint custom map.
  • Business Directory integration – Integrates with the CM Maps Routes Manager plugin to show both locations and routes on a joint custom map.
  • CM Reviews Integration – Allow users to rate and write reviews on each location page. Requires the Customer Reviews and Rating Plugin
  • GDPR Compliant – Provides tools that let users have full control over their data, assisting the admin with data regulations compliance. Learn more.





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