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Divi Rocket Caching Plugin GPL v1.0.50

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The Most Powerful Caching Plugin, Specifically Designed for the Divi Theme. It’s was built from the ground up and fine-tuned specifically for speeding up the Divi Theme and has a number of features not available in any other caching plugin on the market.


Divi Rocket Caching Plugin for Divi GPL Features:

Performance Built for Divi
Divi Rocket is a one-of-a-kind performance optimization tool built specifically for the Divi Theme. Divi Rocket takes a focused approach to resolving Divi speed issues that other generic WordPress cache and optimization plugins can not. Plus, you won’t find a slicker interface that’s as easy to use and intuitive as the Divi itself.

You won’t find Divi-aware caching, Divi section controlled lazy load, Divi database clean-up, or the Divi requirements scanner anywhere else.

Make Your Site Fly
Divi is jammed with everything you need to build websites quickly, but all that extra theme builder power requires more resources that can end up taking a toll on your PageSpeed score.

With Divi Rocket you get the best of both worlds! Build beautiful sites quickly that are also fast and efficient for your visitors. It’s a win-win.

Rank Higher & Reduce Bounce
Did you know Google and other browsers use page speed as a ranking factor and users stay longer on pages that load faster? Good SEO is about more than semantic key phrases, meta descriptions, and catchy titles. A faster website makes your website appear in more searches, resulting in more traffic, and more sales. Plus, statistics show a 50% higher bounce rate on websites that take 6 seconds to load versus 3 seconds.

Easy…and Powerful?!
You don’t have to be a performance optimization professional to make your site run faster. Divi Rocket does all the tricky parts for you so you can speed things up without breaking style or functionality.

Better Browser Caching Controls
Set your site to store HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and image data on your visitor’s browse so pages load faster the next time they visit. Control the number of days that the browser should store cached files and the pages and posts you would like to exclude from caching.

Divi-Aware Server-side Caching
Activate Server Caching to create and store static HTML copies of your pages on your server that are smaller and load faster. And that is not all.

Divi Rocket’s server cache is Divi-aware – it knows when the Divi sections and modules on your pages and posts have been updated and will regenerate the cache file so your visitors are always being served the freshest content.

User Role Cache-Control
Divi Rocket gives you full control over what user roles see on the cached pages to speed up your development workflow. If you are constantly tweaking the back-end of your site and testing, this feature will save you a ton of time.

Only serve the faster, cached versions of your site to visitors, readers, and customers.

Database Optimization
WordPress and Divi use tables for managing data so over time these tables can store up unnecessary fragmented information. Divi Rocket will clear out unnecessary content build-up with the click of a button.

Optimize Tables
Delete Post Revision Posts
Delete Auto-Draft Posts
Delete Trashed Posts
Delete Spam/Trashed Comments
Delete Unapproved Comments
Delete Expired Transients
Delete Pingbacks and Trackbacks
Delete Orphaned Post Metadata
Delete Orphaned Comment Metadata
Delete Orphaned Relationship Data
Delete Orphaned User Metadata
Delete Orphaned Term Metadata
Limit the number of post revisions
Gzip File Compression
Reduce the total size of your Divi website pages by up to 80%. Gzip is a compression method used for transferring files to your users smaller and faster. Divi Rocket lets you activate Gzip on your server with a click.

System Specs Analysis
For the best possible performance, your sites should be hosted on a server following Divi’s minimum server requirements. But how do you know if ensure everything is optimized correctly? Divi Rocket scans your server, checks your hosting is configured correctly and makes recommendations when the requirements are not being met.

Introducing The Divi Lazy Loader (Beta)
Divi Rocket now offers a one-of-a-kind Divi-specific lazy loading option. Make pages faster by only loading the content your visitor is looking at. While most lazy loading tools are only for images, Divi Rocket can be used to lazy load all your content on a per-section (Divi section) basis. Get total control over how many sections are initially loaded, and how many are loaded per request.

Coming Soon (Minify, Combine, and Divi Core CDN)
Divi Rocket is getting better all the time and our performance specialists are hard at work on some stuff we just couldn’t wait to share.

Minification – Code is stuffed full of extra space and comments that make it easier to read for humans but increase the time it takes for the file to load. Divi Rocket will soon clean up and combine CSS and Javascript files with minification and other advanced asset optimization tricks that won’t break the critical files of the Divi theme builder.

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