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WooCommerce Shipping Tracking GPL v38.3 Latest Version


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The WooCommerce Shipping Tracking plugin GPL allows you to associate to each order one or more tracking URLs and codes.

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WooCommerce Shipping Tracking GPL Latest Version

WCST allows your clients to easily track their orders. You will be able to associate every order with a shipping company and a tracking number. WCST will display tracking info (Company URL and tracking code) directly in the “Complete Order” email and “View Order” page.

Your clients just clicking on the link generated by WCST will easily track their orders. The tracking URL (where possible, if the company allows that) will automatically redirect to the company site where the user can automatically track the shipping status according to the associated tracking code.

NoteThe plugin, like WordPress, requires a minimum 7.0 PHP version.

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WCST allows you to import order tracking info from the .csv file!
Shop admin for each order can also import one or more shipping info.
The CSV file has to have the following columns:

  • order_id: This is the numeric id of the order
  • order_status: can be left empty. If specified the order status will be set as the specified value. Values that can be used: wc-pendingwc-processingwc-on-holdwc-completedwc-canceledwc-refundedwc-failed
  • force_email_notification: can be left empty. If specified, the plugin will resend woocommerce notification eamil according to the selected value. Value that can be used: send_email_new_ordersend_email_cancelled_ordersend_email_customer_processing_ordersend_email_customer_completed_orderend_email_customer_refunded_ordersend_email_customer_invoice
  • dispatch_date: Can be left empty. In the case of multiple dispatch dates, values have to be separated by | character. The format must be yyyy-mm-dd. Ex.: 2018-05-13|2018-03-21
  • custom_text: Can be left empty. In the case of multiple custom text, values have to be separated by | character. NOTE: REMOVE ALL, from custom texts. Ex.: custom text 1 | custom text 2.
  • tracking_info: Has to have the following format company_id:tracking_code. In the case of multiple shipping, values have to be separated by | character. Ex.: DHL:#232R|GLS:1234TR3




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Note: After install and in the WP dashboard when you see the message “To complete the WooCommerce Shipping Tracking plugin activation, you must verify your purchase license. Click here to verify it.” Click on the link and you will see the plugin has been activated.

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