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wpDataTables GPL v6.3.2 – Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

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wpDataTables GPL is a powerful responsive Tables, Spreadsheets, and Charts Data Manager in the form of a WordPress Plugin. WordPress Tables created with the wpDataTables plugin are natively responsive and can be used on any device type.

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wpDataTables is a powerful responsive Tables, Spreadsheets, and Charts Data Manager in a form of a WordPress Plugin.

wpDataTables GPL Version 5.5 (Released 05.04.2023.)

New update with new features, improvements, and bug fixes:

  • Feature: Rotation settings for column headers – choose to rotate header for 90° or -90°.
  • Feature: A new light skin – Mojito.
  • Feature: Star rating now has a new customization option – Color Picker.
  • Feature: New responsive option – Pagination Layout on mobile.
  • Improvement: Added a new hook, wpdatatables_before_render_table_config_data
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with browse page not loading when using certain MySQL versions.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with editing single y-axis ApexCharts.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with vertical/horizontal axis and dropshadow on Apexcharts.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with charts when minified.js is turned on.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with Powerful Filters integration for multiselectbox filters.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with compatibility with the latest version of ApexCharts.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with gradient for Highcharts.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with translating the “Administrator” string to different languages.
  • Other small bug fixes

wpdatatables GPL Version 5.0 (Released 26.09.2022)

New major update with awesome features, some improvements and bug fixes:

  • Feature: New data source type: Nested JSON.
  • Feature: JSON authentication.
  • Feature: Caching data for non-server-side tables (Excel, CSV, Google sheet, XML, JSON, Nested JSON and PHP array).
  • Feature: Auto update cache for non server-side tables (Excel, CSV, Google sheet, XML, JSON, Nested JSON and PHP array).
  • Feature: Update manual tables: Replace data within an existing table.
  • Feature: Update manual tables: Add data into an existing table.
  • Feature: Update manual tables: Replace the entire table with new data.
  • Improvement: Improved error handling.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with saving CSS rules in a simple table.
  • BugFix: Fixed tab index for Google sheet API in main settings.
  • Other small bug fixes.

wpDataTables GPL Version 4.5 (Released 20.07.2022.)

New update with an amazing features, some improvements and bug fixes:

  • Feature: Added single cell shortcode.
  • Improvement: Improved separate connections performance.
  • Improvement: Added Highcharts accessibility module.
  • Improvement: Changed type of mysql_table_name column to TEXT.
  • Improvement: Added a new hooks for PDO dsn and for MySQLi link connection: wpdatatables_filter_pdo_connection_dsn and wpdatatables_filter_mysqli_connection_link
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with Gutenberg and editable tables for media upload.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with date format m/Y and Google sheet.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with fatal error with old versions of Avada theme.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with conditional formatting if cell contains HTML.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with sanitized SQL queries.
  • Other small bug fixes

Wpdatatables GPL Version 4.4 (Released 13.06.2022.)

New update with improvements and bug fixes:

  • Feature: Added options for responsive actions – icon, row or cell.
  • Improvement: Compatibility with the latest version of Elementor.
  • Improvement: Improved error handling during activation and deactivation of a license.
  • Improvement: Automatically close the date picker after a date has been chosen.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with Divi editor blocks not working when only one table or chart has been created.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with ’%’ symbol in string cells for separate connection tables.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with foreign keys for PostgreSQL database.
  • Other small bug fixes

wpDataTables GPL Version 4.2 (Released 31.03.2022)

New update with new features, improvements, and bug fixes:

  • Feature: Added new shortcode parameter for calculation functions to show only value.
  • Improvement: Improved sanitizing of user data.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with merge cells from the context menu.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with showing filters for large tables when Display length is All.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with conditional formatting for int/float columns.
  • Other small bug fixes

Version 3.7 (Released 15.12.2021)

Major update with couple of new feature, several bug fixes and stability improvements:

  • Feature: Added new options for link columns in datatables (noreferrer and sponsored attributes)
  • Feature: Added new options for link editor in simple table (noreferrer and sponsored attributes)
  • Feature: Added clear button in color-picker in simple table.
  • Improvement: Added pagination above the table on browse page for tables and charts.
  • Improvement: Updating table from Google spreadsheet with standard method (no more cache issues)
  • Improvement: Add new pre-formatted hooks for all column types in datatables:
    wpdatatables_filter_date_cell_before_formatting, wpdatatables_filter_time_cell_before_formatting,
    wpdatatables_filter_datetime_cell_before_formatting, wpdatatables_filter_link_cell_before_formatting,
    wpdatatables_filter_email_cell_before_formatting, wpdatatables_filter_string_cell_before_formatting,
    wpdatatables_filter_int_cell_before_formatting, wpdatatables_filter_float_cell_before_formatting
    and wpdatatables_filter_image_cell_before_formatting.
  • Improvement: Add new hooks for filtering and editing definition:
    wpdatatables_filter_js_editing_definition, wpdatatables_filter_js_editing_definition_values,
    wpdatatables_filter_js_filtering_definition and wpdatatables_filter_js_filtering_definition_values
  • Bugfix: Fixed notice for deprecated hook in Gutenberg.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with browsing tables and charts with search term.
  • Bugfix: Fixed resetting CSS rule for background and text color in simple table editor.
  • Bugfix: Fixed double notification for time and datetime columns after inline editing
  • Bugfix: Fixed datepicker position for inline editing.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with new hooks in wpDataCharts.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue bubble chart and follow table filtering.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with separate MySQL connection.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with datepicker on Excel like table.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with line and area chart in Chartjs engine on same page.
  • Other small bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 3.6 (Released 15.09.2021.)

Major update with a couple of features, bug fixes, and stability improvements:

  • Feature: Added new option to show/hide search field in select-box/multiselect-box filters.
  • Feature: Added new option to show/hide search field in Single-value select-box/Multi-value select-box in edit modal.
  • Feature: Added new options for the simple table: “Remove borders”, “Border collapse” and “Border spacing”.
  • Feature: Added new option “Page Orientation” for PDF export reports.
  • Feature: Added new option “Paper Size” for PDF export reports.
  • Improvement: Improved checking for existing PHP extension – zlib on the server.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with double loading for the multi-select filter.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.8.1 approved.
  • Other small bug fixes and stability improvements

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